We are known as an "out of network provider". If you have a PPO (or some EPO’s), those providers sometimes have policies that enable you to pick your own provider. This means you can see an "out of network" provider as we are, and then pay for the appointment out of your own pocket at the time of service. You then turn in a “superbill” (we provide) to your insurance provider and get reimbursed for a fixed agreed on portion per your contracted amount with your provider. If you have an HMO (like Kaiser), then you would not have any coverage with our office.

 We can offer a sliding scale rate if payment amount is unaffordable (see adjacent note). The best approach is,  if your not sure what kind of a provider you have, or think you might have a “pick your own provider” coverage, either way, call your provider, and ask what your coverage is... amount per session- fixed like $90, or a percentage like 70% of the visit charge.  Additoinally, ask if you have a deductible, or minimum you must spend in a calander year before coverage kicks in.

“Magnificat” Meditation (taken from 6/28/2020)



Taking Up the Cross

Don’t fear the cross. God is our Father and he always matches it to our strength; from it oozes the divine Blood which regenerates us and is the fount of all the joys reserved for us above. Ah, do you see that it’s true that misfortunes and crosses bring us ever closer to God?

Pain draws us to him in such a way that compared to divine consolation, the comfort and help of creatures is eclipsed and all their words, as good, charitable, and kind as they are, are almost useless and cold to us and leave an emptiness in our soul. We need God alone, he alone knows the secret for comforting our battered heart, and in him alone will we always find the true comfort for our ills.

Sometimes prayer will seem difficult to you; but now that your heart is wounded, you feel the need for this gentle balm which alone can stop the blood that flows from it; isn’t it really like this? Then abandon yourself trustingly to Jesus; suffering, bathed with tears, has great power over that tender and most loving Heart…. The Heart of Jesus will be with you, no doubt, and someday he will repay a hundredfold what you have suffered for him. Be cheerful then and know that every new opportunity to suffer is money with which you can buy a little peace and comfort and special graces for your own soul, in the trials and struggles which will accompany you until death.

Blessed Clelia Merloni

Blessed Clelia Merloni († 1930) founded the Congregation of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart. [From Spiritual Anthology: Elements in the Spirituality of Mother Clelia Merloni, Sr. M. Clare Millea, Tr. © 1992, Edusc Sacred Heart University Press, Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil. Used with permission.]


Sessions cost $180 per 50 minute session with Bryan: $150 with Brieana or Fr. Dominic

In some situations, we can offer a discounted "sliding scale" rate for those who cannot afford the full cost of the session. 

Please reach out to us to inquire about the sliding scale rate, if needed... as we do try and accommodate those needing the specific type of service we offer. 

Note about cost:

Sadly, psychotherapy is costly and not everyone can afford it. I would first recommend my talks (tab above), as they are packed with information I often use as a starting place with my clients.  They tend to be universal principles and packed with useful information that can be accessed for free and are worthy of multiple listenings. Additionally, I have attached a beautiful meditation. This was taken from "The Magnificat"(6/28/2020): A daily mediation publication, that I highly recommend.