Sexual Difficulties

Resources for opposite sex disorders: Porn, masturbation, premarital sex, adultery and other transgender issues.

The good of physical intimacy... and steps to take to repair it if it has become disordered.

The desire for physical intimacy through a catholic psychological lens

The truth about masturbation

What is the Catholic Teaching on Masturbation w/ Christopher West

This video offers non religious practical steps to stop porn use. This information is best used by Catholics by combining is content with my audio talk below this one "inviting youth to vision." The ultimate key is replacing fake love with real love.

desexualizing your brain is the cheat code to success

Inviting Youth to Vision Regarding Porn (2018): An exploration on how a more vivid connection with Eucharistic love and the Theology of the Body can help youth and others to utilize the value and purpose of sexual desire.

Sex before marriage realities

What is the Catholic Teaching on Fornication? w/ Christopher West

Dr. Greg Botarro’s being human podcast link check out episodes 149, 151, 152, 153, 155, and ending with 157 for the best catholic content I’ve seen to date on understanding and discussing transgenderism in our present culture.

Theology of The Body for RCIA class

Intro to TOB for RCIA class

TOB class for RCIA part 2

Part 2 of TOB introduction to RCIA class

Same Sex attraction

Understandably, same sex attraction (SSA) is a difficult and sensitive issue for many Catholics today. Among those affected by SSA today, there are many distortions and misunderstandings to church teaching on this subject.  These distortions and misunderstangings are primarliy due to misunderstandings around the meaning of sex, in our society, and many in the church. Many who discuss the meaing of sex start from a place of inadvertant ignorance, or confusion.

I specialize in helping clients who struggle with SSA and/or those who have a loved one with SSA. I start by helping people understand how the union of mercy and justice blend as an invitation to the love that satisfies in and though SSA.  I seek to help clients discover a path to turn the pain and struggle of SSA into a gift, whether it be their own struggle or that of a loved one.  Additionally, I am able to help both men and women with SSA realize how the church's teaching on sexuality can actually bring clarity and peace towards the meaning, purpose, and fulfillment of his or her intrinsically good sex drive.