All the podcast below are good. I personally recommend starting with episodes 23-29 (God images section) and then episodes 37-49 (shame).These sections both address what I believe to be the most significant blocker of sacramental graces.

Listen to the recommend podcasts first to discover lies about God, and lies about self. Listen with intent to expose these hidden blocks inside parts of you that tend only to come out when triggered. Listen and list these hidden lies for the purpose of repenting and confessing them towards greater receptivity to sacramental graces. This is an ongoing task in the lives of those seeking holiness. All the other great information you can receive from this podcast will be better if built on this foundation.

Souls & Hearts Podcast - Join Dr. Peter Malinoski as he begins this podcast in 2020 and guides faithful Catholics through the stress reactions and responses that surfaced in the coronavirus pandemic. Now many podcasts later, he continues to invite us to rise to the challenges of change. Get to know yourself more deeply, grow in your relationships, and trust God more completely. Travel with us in this podcast as we embrace opportunities to thrive psychologically and spiritually in these uncharted waters, bringing the best of Psychology and Catholicism together in one place.

Need Help Finding a Therapist

If you've decided that you need to see a therapist, you may be feeling overwhelmed about what to do next. Dr. Peter Malinoski and Dr. Gerry Crete, co-founders of Souls and Hearts, have put together a free course to help Catholics select the right therapist.

Sign up for the course here.

Why Growth Goals are better than Outcome Goals

Why Growth Goals Are Better than Outcome Goals

Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety I: Feel the Fear

Overcoming Anxiety 2: Develop daring

Overcoming Anxiety II: Develop Daring

Overcoming Anxiety 3: Incorporating Ideals

Overcoming Anxiety III: Incorporating Ideals

The healthy way to people please

Why People Pleasing is a Trap

Dr. Greg Botarro’s being human podcast link check out episodes 149, 151, 152, 153, 155, and ending with 157 for the best catholic content I’ve seen to date on understanding and discussing transgenderism in our present culture.

Recommended Resources

Here are some resources on the web that I recommend.

Dr. Peter Malinosky is the Co-founder of Souls and Hearts; an apolostate that serves Catholics looking for deeper understanding of pshychological issues though a Catholic Christian lens.  His podcast started in 2020 originaly titled "Corona Virus Carpe Deim" as a resource for Cathoics to assist in resiliance during that time of confusion. Its a great podcast covering many topics realted to mental health.  I reccomend starting with the one listed, as I believe its critical to first address hidden lies about oneself (shame issues) and hidden lies about God (God images) that typically only surface when were upset.  Discovering these hidden lies often will allow sacramental graces to flow that otherwise tend to be blocked by these hidden lies refered to by St. Thomas Aquainas as sacramental impediments.  

Dr. Kevin Majeres MD is a Psychiartrist who specailized in the latest technology of neuro-science combined with a Cognitive Behaviorial approach to realted to mental health issues we face at work and at home.  He is what I call an undercover Catholic as he does not talk about Catholism or Christianity directly, but all his principels are rooted in a Catholic Christain world view.  His podcast entitled "Optimal Work" is also brodcast on You Tube.  All of his episodes are great, but I have listed a few that I most often share with my clients. 

Dr. Greg Bataro, the founder of The Catholic Psych Institute has another good podcast entitled "being Human." I was planing on doing a talk on the transgender issue until I heard his.  His series on the transgender issue is excellent for all Christians to hear who wish to engage loved ones or the culture on this highly charged and often misunderstood topic.

Dr. Gerry Crete is the other Co-founder of Souls and Hearts. He is another Catholic psychotherapist who specializes in blending Catholic teaching with cutting edge psychology. I consider him a friend and trusted colleague.  In 2024 he released a great book on how to combine "parts" psychology like that used in Internal Family Systems and how to apporach that kind of therapy in a self-help sort of way from a Catholic Christian perspective.  I highly recommend this book.  He also has some book study groups available on line for those who wish please use this link: