Same Sex Attraction

Theraputic consideratoins

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Understandably, same sex attraction (SSA) is a difficult and sensitive issue for many Catholics today. Among those affected by SSA today, there are many distortions and misunderstandings to church teaching on this subject.  These distortions and misunderstangings are primarliy due to the sexual brokeness of our society and many in the church who seek to discuss it from that place of their own brokeness, ignorance, or confusion.

I specialize in helping clients who struggle with SSA and/or those who have a loved one with SSA. I start with helping with an understandng of how the union of mercy and justice blend in an inviation to the love that satisfies in the midst of SSA.  I seek to help clients discover a path to turn the pain and struggle of SSA into a gift, whether it be their own struggle or that of a loved one.  Additionally, I am able to help both men and women with SSA realize how the church's teaching on sexuality can actually bring clarity and peace towards the meaning, purpose, and fulfillment of his or her intrinsically good sex drive.